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Hard Gel

Special mixture which covers natural nails to strengthen the nail and promote natural growth,also you can make your nails longer with hard gel(nail extension).

Paraffin Therapy

Also called thermal treatment, a moisturizing and extra caring treatment of feet (and hands) - especially suitable if you have dry and cracked skin.It can be used to provide pain relief to sore joints and muscles.


Professional PAINTING from what you want with gel colors,different kind of nail designs,several french shapes,Chrome,hologram,stickers......

Spa Manicure

Soaking hands in sea salt,filling and shaping the nails,clipping cuticles,massage with various oils.


Prices are in Danish Krone (DKK)

  • Mini Manicure about 20 min. 149,-
  • Manicure+Shellac(Gel color) about 45 min. 299,-
  • Spa Manicure+Shellac(Gel color) about 60 min. 399,-
  • Spa Manicure about 35 min. plus 249,-
  • Paraffin Therapy about 30 min. plus 129,-
  • Remove Old Shellac about 15 min. plus 50,-

  • Design(per nail) depends from 20,-
  • Painting on nail(per nail) depends from 50,-
  • Repair(per nail) about 10 min 40,-
  • French gel polish(for all nails) depends plus 100,-
  • Chrome nails(for all nails) - plus 100,-

  • Nail Extension With Hard Gel about 90 min. 399,-
  • Cover Natural Nails With Laminate Or Hard Gel about 80 min. 349,-
  • Refill about 105 min 349,-
  • Shellac(Gel Color) about 20 min. plus 50,-

  • Paraffin Therapy about 30 min. 200,-
  • Mini Pedicure+Shellac about 45 min. 329,-
  • Spa Pedicure+Shellac about 75 min. 499,-
  • Spa Pedicure+Shellac+Paraffin about 100 min. 619,-
  • Use Pedicure Bath Bomb about 15 min. plus 40,-

Mini manicure

Clipping cuticles,shaping and filing the nails.


Make the part of your nails that growth,with hard gel(every two or three weeks after your last nail treatments)

Mini Pedicure

Clipping cuticles,shapig and filling the nails.

Spa Pedicure

>Soaking feet in water with sea salt,removing dead skin from heels,clipping cuticles,shapig and filling the nails, scrub and massage.

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