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Nail Treatments

Gel Nail Extention

Special mixture which covers natural nails to strengthen the nail and promote natural growth,also you can make your nails longer with hard gel.It consist of hard gel polish that's cured with a LED light.Because it gel like a protective layer over your natural nail, causing little-to-no damage


Shellac nails are created with a special in-salon nail polish that was developed and patented by the nail polish brand Creative Nail Design (CND). Half-gel and half-regular polish, shellac combines the benefits of both, like no dry time, long-lasting results, shine and color

Spa Pedicure

Soaking feet in water with sea salt,removing dead skin from heels,clipping cuticles,shapig and filling the nails, scrub and nice massage at the end.

Spa Manicure

Soaking hands in sea salt,filling and shaping the nails,clipping cuticles and massage with scrub.


Prices are in Danish Krone (DKK)

  • Mini Manicure 20 min. 199,-
  • Manicure+Shellac(Gel color) 40 min. 349,-
  • Spa Manicure+Shellac(Gel color) 60 min. 549,-
  • Remove+New Shellac 50 min. 399,-
  • Remove Shellac 15 min 99,-
  • Manicure+Nail Polish about 30 min 249,-

  • Gel Nail Extention(Short)+Color 80 min 549,-
  • Gel Nail Extention(Medium)+Color 80 min 599,-
  • Gel Nail Extention(Long)+Color 90 min 699,-
  • French Nail Design +15 min plus 100,-
  • Chrome nails +15 min plus 100,-

  • Refill Gel Nails(S)+Color 65 min 449,-
  • Refill Gel Nails(M)+Color 70 min. 499,-
  • Refill Gel Nails(L)+Color 75 min 599,-
  • Hand Paint Nail Art Depends From 50,-

  • Paraffin Therapy(hands or feet) 20 min. 129,-
  • Mini Pedicure+Shellac 40 min. 399,-
  • Spa Pedicure+Shellac 75 min. 599,-
  • Spa Pedicure+Shellac+Paraffin 90 min. 699,-
  • Spa Pedicure 60 min 449,-

Mini Manicure/Pedicure

Clipping cuticles,shaping and filing the nails.

Nail PAINT,Design

Professional PAINTING from what you want with gel colors,different kind of nail designs,several french shapes,Chrome,hologram,stickers.......

Praffin Therapy

Also called thermal treatment, a moisturizing and extra caring treatment of feet (and hands) - especially suitable if you have dry and cracked skin.It can be used to provide pain relief to sore joints and muscles..

Important Information

The service time is approximate specially for lash extention,depends on the volume of your eyelashes,may take longer time. please remember to refill your lashes (no later than 3 weeks)and Nails(no later than 4 weeks),otherwise you will charge as new set.


Lash Treatments

Lash lift

100% Vegan Lash Lift products that does not bleach or dry out your lashes! No more strong chemistry, which gives high risk for chemical cutting of the lash hair.Lash Lift is a natural way to make your lashes appear longer, provides more volume and Your natural lashes will be beautifully curved, Lash lift can be durable for up to 8 weeks, but it is recommended to get renewed approx. every 5 weeks for optimal results

Lash Extention

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers that are attached to your natural eyelashes in order to make your lash fringe look longer, fuller, and darker. Individual lash extensions are applied to each of your individual natural eyelashes (one extension per natural eyelash) using a semi-permanent glue.

Classic Extention

Classic eyelash extensions are a simple, beautiful, natural-looking lash style. They are applied on a 1:1 ratio, which means one extension is attached to one natural lash. This gives you a natural looking lash.

Volume Extention

Volume eyelash extensions are where two or more individual extensions are attached to each natural lash. They are first formed into fans then applied onto one natural lash with adhesive.


Prices are in Danish Krone (DKK)

  • Lash Lift+Color 60 min 449,-
  • Brow Lift+Color+Correction 60 min 399,-
  • Lash&Brow Lift+Color+Correction 75 min 699,-

  • Classic Lash Exteition 120 min 750,-
  • Hybrid Lash Extention 150 min 850,-
  • Volume Lash Extention 150 min 950,-
  • Remove Lash Extention 20 min 199,-

  • Small Refill Classic Lash 30 min 250,-
  • Medium Refill Classic Lash 60 min 450,-
  • Small Refill Hybrid Lash 30 min 350,-
  • Medium Refill Hybrid Lash 60 min 550,-
  • Refill Volume Lash 90 min 650,-

BEFORE Lash Treatments

Remove all eye makeup, contact lenses, and false eyelashes before your appointment. Avoid curling your natural lashes for at least 24 hours prior to treatment. Stop using waterproof mascara 48 hours before your procedure since it leaves behind unwanted residue.


•Avoid getting them wet for up to 48 hours after application. •Do not rub or touch your eyes. •Clean with eyelash foam cleanser every 3 days. •Brush through your eyelash tips in the morning. •Do not use oil based products around or on the eyes. •Do not sleep on your face. •Stay on top of your infills (recommended every 2 - 3 weeks)


Do not get your lashes wet for the first 24 hrs. Do not use harsh products on your eyes/lashes. Use of Sauna/Steam is possible after 24hrs but may weaken the effect of the lift. No eye make up for 24 hours.

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